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MissPompadour Express  Service

Perhaps you are one of the more impatient contemporaries. These are people who look in the mirror and say: I need a new haircut, NOW! If these people feel an inspiration or have a creative idea, then they have to implement the brilliant idea immediately. It is possible that the thought has matured for a long time, but if it is there then something has to be done immediately. Time for the express service.

For all of you and also for the many who simply love spontaneous ideas. And for all those for whom things can never go fast enough. And of course for everyone who has ordered paint but forgot to order masking tape, brushes and rollers. The MissPompadour Express service is now available for all of you.

What is new and special about the MissPompadour -Express Service?

First of all, it all happens very, very quickly: If we receive an order from our special express service offer before 11:30 a.m., the goods are sent to DHL on the same day. Of course, we then no longer have any influence on the time of delivery. But in our experience, the order will be with you the next day.

And what does the special Misspompadour Express service offer include?

First and foremost there are the most important colors of the Painting the Past collection. As a chalk emulsion for the wall and as a lacquer in the two lacquer qualities “matt” and “eggshell”. Then there is the topcoat, with which the coatings on floors and tiles can be stabilized and finished. The entire range of brush accessories is also part of the MissPompadour Express Service. This includes brushes, rollers, paint trays, and masking tape.

So if you are in a hurry to implement your creative ideas or if you have just opened up an unexpected time window for a prank job, simply use the MissPompadour Express Service. And you can get started with your work the very next day.